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My research work, present activities and projects.

Fast is fine, but accuracy is everything.
Wyatt Earp.

I am member of the CRIStAL lab (Research center in Computer Science, Signal and Automatic Control of Lille).

Previously, I successfully defended a PhD thesis entitled Language bias in the generate-and-test algorithm and Contributions to disjunctive learning. This work was supervised by Céline Rouveirol at the Laboratory of Computer Science (LRI, Paris-Saclay University).

My main interests are:

  • voting methods like boosting and applications to various frameworks in which a least general generalization algorithm exists ; in this task, I developped volata, a java library that implements ensemble methods and least general generalization algorithms ; volata allows such boosting simulations ;
  • application of machine learning to psychology with Romina Manoli, and problems involved by medical data like the INDANA database ;
  • multi-task learning with Jean-Baptiste Faddoul ;
  • information extraction with Patrick Marty ;
  • unsupervised learning and text clustering with Laurent Candillier ;
  • grammatical inference with Alain Terlutte ;
  • inductive logic programming with Céline Rouveirol.

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